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About Us


Read in Tamil Online Media has been launched with the superior purpose of ‘mann payanura vendum‘.

Earlier, in the name of ‘PUTHIYA AGARATHI’, was published as monthly magazine. Salem City, the mango town of Tamilnadu, is headquartered of PUTHIYA AGARATHI. The PUTHIYA AGARATHI Online Media construction works started on June, 2017. In August 2017, launched full swing.

The audience / readers are very concerned about providing useful information with relevant information. PUTHIYA AGARATHI ONLINE MEDIA presents the news very carefully, with the alarms that readers should never go wrong.

PUTHIYAAGARATHI.COM offers media coverage of major pages in politics, business, education, medicine, cinema, tamilnadu, india, world, sports and women.

Under articles titled ‘Other’, we are providing articles in 16 categories including agriculture, literature, culture, information, book, technology, children’s park, self confidence, success story, science.

PUTHIYAAGARATHI ONLINE MEDIA, continues to provide new information on the latest news, even if no internet media is present at the present time, and the importance of agriculture, children, literature, book and science. We provide messages deep and densely.

It continues to operate on the public domain with a great goal of creating intellectual and ethnically tertiary birds.

PUTHIYAAGARATHI.COM web media has been managed by the leading journalists of Tamil Nadu.

Mobile: +91 98409 61947